Engaging E-Learning Design

Five Square Learning was born out of a love for learning and a curiosity about how people can merge technology and traditional educational techniques in order to learn. We apply educational theory, plus the knowledge and insight we have gained from 25 years of client work, about effective eLearning design and development when working with our clients.

We take our experience as instructional designers, facilitators, web developers and as global learning leaders to leverage the power of Storyline, a development platform that allows for both programming flexibility and creative expression, to create learning programs that engage your learners and improve performance.

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Facilitation & Speaking

Does your team need to ramp up their eLearning development skills? As a leader, do you need to expand your team and you are seeking advice on how to hire a eLearning Unicorn? Are you leading a conference and looking to add content around eLearning and emerging technologies?

Our President, Thomas A. Toth, acclaimed author, speaker, award winner and expert in the area of eLearning authoring, design and development would love to present to your organization. But, if you don't need an industry leader and dynamic (and hilarious) speaker, but still want to grow as an eLearning developer or manager? Check out where Thomas is speaking next and also check out the Storyline Show! 

It's not always about the technology. Thomas keynotes and speaks about mentoring, succession planning, professional development, and leadership development at all levels within the organization. From high-potential employees to the executive C-Suite, Thomas’s messages about the future of technology and learning and learning as a business strategy apply to all levels within an organization.

Learning Strategy & Development

There challenges facing your organization right now seem to come from every area of the business, but by focusing on the growth and development of your employees ensures that you have well educated, job proficient, competent and engaged employees. Learning, whether it is a series of soft-skills training or leadership development, job specific skill improvement or technology awareness, investing in your employees is a huge step in the right direction. Take advantage of Five Square Learning’s 25 years of learning experience to help you improve your business. 

Our strategic consulting services draw from a wide range of subjects including: Leadership Development Programs, Organizational Development Programs, Emotional Intelligence, Brain Science, and Succession Planning. We can also assist with authoring tool education, LMS selection and design, Learning Program Management, gap analysis, employee and staff decisioning and learning investments. 

The best part is we can create a strategy based on your existing content, or leverage our staff experience to create custom solutions, start to finish. From needs assessment and learning objectives, all the way to finished eLearning programs and stand up training courses, our team is positioned to be the “just in time” solution you need.

Meet The Five Square Squad

Five Square Learning is a Colorado based digital media company specializing in producing engaging, interactive and creating elearning design and development. We focus on the learner by leveraging strong instructional design practices that enhance understanding and motivate desired behavior. We collaborate with clients to build effective elearning courses that get the desired results and performance changes. 

We have been in business since 2004, rebranding in 2022 to better align with our core competency – Storyline eLearning development. Our entire company is virtual – all our employees work from their home offices so our development costs are much lower than you might expect, simply because we don’t have the overhead of office space. 

We believe in the “pod” approach – virtual teams consisting of project managers, instructional designers, multimedia and animation experts as well as Storyline programmers. When you work with Five Square Learning you will have a dedicated team of people working on your project and deliver content that will blow you and your learners away.

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