Synchronous Training Projects 

A Better Solution for Remote Learning

Are you considering or have you currently moved your stand up courses to the web? Are you using tools like Zoom, WebEx or Adobe Connect to deploy your courses to your learners who cannot all gather in the same room at the same location for training? How effective is your online, synchronous learning efforts? Is it working?

Synchronous learning can be powerful and effective, both on an education level as well as a cost level. But doing it right means more than just delivering the same old stand up class on the screen. There are techniques and strategies you can use to improve the overall quality of your courses. Facilitating a virtual class via Adobe Connect is dramatically different than delivering live to a classroom of learners.

We can help. During the COVID pandemic of 2020 – 2022, we helped numerous companies and government agencies create an online learning strategy. We helped convert existing training courses to “online friendly” formats and conducted train the trainer courses to get their facilitators ready to teach online. There are many techniques and methods a facilitator can learn to use to improve the overall learning.

Let us know if synchronous learning programs are a part of your overall strategy and let us know if we can build new courses for your, or tweak the content you currently have so that it can be better delivered online. 

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