About Five Square Learning

Effective E-Learning Design & Development

Five Square Learning was born out of a love for learning and a curiosity about how people can merge technology and traditional educational techniques in order to learn. We apply educational theory, plus the knowledge and insight we have gained from 25 years of client work, about effective eLearning design and development when working with our clients. 

Five Square Learning is a Colorado based digital media company specializing in producing engaging, interactive and creating eLearning design and development. We focus on the learner by leveraging strong instructional design practices that enhance understanding and motivate desired behavior. We collaborate with clients to build effective elearning courses that get the desired results and performance changes. 

Benefits of working with Five Square Learning
  • Global experience – we’ve worked with clients around the world and bring that experience to your project
  • No real estate overhead – all our employees are virtual – we do not have a “corporate office” so our pricing is surprising
  • Proven development process – we have created a development process for clients that has been the cornerstone of our business. No missed deadlines, clear communication and an online portal for our clients to check in at any time to see where their project stands
  • Friendly, caring and dedicated to connecting humans and technology for the purpose of performance improving projects
  • Stellar industry reputation and a focus on client satisfaction

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