About Five Square Learning

About Five Square Learning

Beginning with inception nearly 25 years ago, to its current position as a nationally recognized industry leader in design and development of creative eLearning solutions, Five Square Learning has remained true to its founding values of teamwork, innovation, and creativity.

With a core competency centered on Storyline eLearning development, we create interactive, engaging, and hands-on eLearning opportunities that focus on the development of the learner. Our dynamic team leverages unmatched expertise and strong instructional design practices to deliver eLearning solutions that enhance understanding, facilitate desired organizational outcomes, and accelerate team performance and productivity.

As the modern workforce has shifted to an increased focus on remote workers, eLearning is an essential platform to promote inclusivity, foster collaboration, and influence company morale. Your employees need to be valued, connected to their teams, and given the tools to succeed, and at Five Square Learning, we’ll work with you to create a customized eLearning solution that brings your workforce together, regardless of where they choose to work.

Benefits of working with Five Square Learning
  • Because we’ve worked with clients around the world, we bring global experience to every project
  • Due to our fully virtual team, we operate with low overhead and offer affordable pricing
  • We are dedicated to connecting humans and technology to improve performance
  • Our online client portal and proven development process ensure clear communication, real-time progress tracking, and no missed deadlines
  • Our friendly, caring, and responsive staff is 100% committed to meeting your needs
  • A stellar industry reputation led by an intense focus on client satisfaction
Your Success Is Our Common Goal

We are client-centric to our very core, and our top priority is to create engaging, interactive eLearning content that helps our clients achieve success. Powered by our experience using the Storyline platform, our value-driven solutions are consistently on time and on budget, while overdelivering beyond every expectation.

Our team is a blend of diverse minds from across the globe, from industry veterans who have witnessed the meteoric rise of technology over the past three decades, to hotshot whiz kids who deliver groundbreaking and inventive ideas. We don’t shy away from opposing viewpoints, and in fact, we love to look at problems from every angle in order to create the best solution for our clients.

And at Five Square Learning, it just works.

We rise to meet every challenge with a positive driving attitude that is pervasive throughout our entire organization. Our team is joined together by our common goals, and inspired by our core values, which serves to unite us with a passion toward our shared organizational purpose. Everyone works together to get the job done, and this is what drives our successful company culture.

Our Core Values
  • Commitment To The Customer – Always.
  • Teamwork – It’s all we know.
  • Innovation – Around every corner.
  • Creativity – Combined with curiosity, it’s a killer combo.
  • Trust – We lead with integrity.
  • Positive Attitude – We’re fun to work with!

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