Flash to HTML5 Conversion

Don't Let Your Flash Content Disappear

Once the best authoring environment for eLearning, Flash is no longer being supported by Adobe or by the browses of the world. When Steve Jobs decided not to support Flash in any iOS device including Apple’s iPads and iPhones, it was the final blow to the platform, and most major browsers began a strategy to block Flash. Apart from mobile incompatibility, Flash eLearning faced several limitations such as security issues and draining battery power.  Adobe discontinued Flash in December of 2020, and the glorious era of Flash is over.

Unfortunately, many organizations have hundreds, if not thousands, of eLearning content in Flash. LMSs around the world are struggling to serve up Flash content to learners who no longer have the plug in. Great content sits dormant or ignored because it will no longer play.

Whether you have the .fla files or just the finished .swf files, we have extensive experience converting those legacy files into viewable content. Whether we are porting to an .mp4 video, bringing screens into Storyline or doing a complete conversion of the Flash file into HTML5, your Flash based content can live and breathe again. 

Don’t let your Flash content disappear. Contact us for a quote on converting your courses to Storyline or .mp4. 

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