Storyline Development

Unique for Every Client

Of course, we work in Storyline as our primary development tool, so we have some samples to share. 

Rapid Prototype

Client work where SB and assets provided - we built the interface and all Storyline elements.

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Work from Home Effectively

Client work where isometric, stylized illustrations were used to drive animation and visuals.

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Community Justice

This is a text driven course - this is a university “online lecture” series that is dominated by text. Limited graphics and interactions, but a cool interface that works well on mobile devices. This was built in RISE.

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The Certified Coach

Client requested a “cartoon, like Spongebob” kind of look and feel. This is their “final exam” for recertification. Its an interesting build, as it provides an option for “extra credit” if the learner doesn’t pass the first time.

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Business Ethics Guidelines

The client wanted to take a 50+ page Business Ethics PDF and put it online. I used stock video, plus their own propriety video, plus stock and Kirby images to create this. There are downloadable PDF docs included on certain pages, as the client wanted certain policies “referenced” in the online course, and then the “full” versions downloadable.

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