Thomas Toth: President & CEO

Thomas Toth has been a driving force in the eLearning industry since 1993. With 25+ years of professional, academic, and corporate experience in teaching, developing, and marketing global interactive learning and organizational development initiatives. 

Thomas has spent years inside of global organizations in leadership positions, walking the fine line of being an “academic” in the corporate world, as well as being someone who lives in the “real world” of learning professionals. He is still not convinced that traditional learning design methodologies work in the eLearning space and is in the process of creating a new and innovative process for creating training programs in the information age. 

Mr. Toth is writer with four published books on designing effective e-learning solutions.  He is a sought-after conference speaker and recognized industry leader in the learning and training industry. In 2008, leadership programs he developed received recognition with the ATD BEST Award. In 2016, he received recognition by Learning! Magazine as a “Learning Champion” in the category of “Mentor”. Also in 2016, his former company, dWeb Studios, was recognized as the best international eLearning development company.

Thomas holds an MAEd degree in Educational Technologies from Pepperdine University. 

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