The Benefits of eLearning for Business Owners

July 21, 2022

For business owners, finding ways to simplify the training process for new employees is always a priority. You want your team to feel confident in their abilities and have the tools needed to fulfill their core job responsibilities.

But with standard training efforts in place, you may find that your employees struggle to enter their roles after the onboarding process. Storyline course development and eLearning courses can completely transform your onboarding and new-hire training system. Here are a few reasons to consider restructuring your training process to incorporate eLearning materials. 

It Saves Your Business Money
Physical training materials cost a lot of money to print and you’ll have to reprint them anytime you make a change or significant update to your procedures. You’ll also need to make sure you have enough copies on hand for each new hire you bring on. That means that your costs can balloon as your company grows. 

When you invest in eLearning materials, you only have to pay once for the development of the materials. Once the course is designed, built, and complete, you can let your team use it at will. You won’t have to pay for a separate copy for each employee, thereby saving you money! Even better, you can update the materials quickly and more affordably as needed.

Storyline Course Development Encourages Participation
Some people thrive in an interactive environment led by training instructors. Others prefer to listen in and won’t actively participate in discussions or offer up answers to questions in those settings. 

By using digital and eLearning materials instead of relying solely on live training sessions, you’ll see more active participation from your entire new-hire group. Those that actively participate in live environments will still enjoy the eLearning materials. And those that are more introverted and less likely to contribute to discussions will feel safer and more at ease participating in an eLearning environment.

eLearning Improves Consistency
Every training group is different and while training managers can try to convey the same information to each new-hire group, there’s no way to guarantee that the information is presented consistently. Questions can derail training sessions and certain bits of information may be overlooked.

When you invest in storyline course development, you’ll improve the consistency of each training experience. New hires will be presented with the same information at the same time rather than relying on a training manager to make sure they touch on every key topic in the right way.

That consistency in training materials means more consistency in the quality of work your team provides. 

Ready to Get Started?
If you’re ready to ditch paper training materials for good and create a streamlined onboarding process, investing in eLearning materials is the best option for your business. Once you do, you’ll establish consistency, make sure your new hires get the necessary information to do their jobs well, and improve the training experience for years to come.

At Five Square Learning, our team can take your existing training materials and transform them into easy-to-work-with courses that both new hires and current employees can use to better master your processes. Contact us today to get started. 
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