What is Articulate Storyline?

Five Square Learning uses Articulate Storyline for its elearning classes and platforms. But what is it exactly? And why do you want them to use it to create your elearning courses?

Articulate Storyline is software for creating interactive courses. It is easy to use for beginners or experts in creating online courses. While using Articulate Storyline, Five Square Learning can deliver mobile and accessible courses quickly and easily to your employees.

Five Square learning uses all the different options of Articulate Storyline to create interactive and engaging courses for your company. A feature that it includes is closed captioning. This is easy to use and edit and you can use any font you want for the text. Another feature is the ability to easily create tables that will fit any screen. Tables are often necessary for learners to see quick and easy visuals of research and data, so this feature is very helpful. Whatever type of table, graph or visual can be easily created to show your data and research.

One option that makes Storyline so interactive is the ability for learners to interact with the slides or screens. They can use a dial to manipulate data and slide content. These dials can be customized prebuilt or Five Square Learning can create their own using objects, graphics or images or to fit your needs for your courses.

 In this way learners are not passively sitting and listening to what could be a boring lecture, but are active participates in their learning. And studies show, the more one participates, the more one retains. We want our learners finishing the course with a strong grasp on the material and this interactions helps learners to be fully involved in the course material.

Along with this type of interaction, Five Square Learning can use Storyline to create game like interactions using triggers and paths for motion. As well Storyline uses high performance HTML5 output. This makes your course run faster, look better, and it also allows it to support more features.

Storyline also allows Five Square Learning to work more efficiently with all of the tools available meaning your course will be designed quicker to fit your more immediate needs. It can find and replace fonts quickly, as well as automatically scale and crop images to fit your placeholders.

With all of these options and tools Five Square Learning is at the top of their game and ready to create courses to fit your needs. With the president and CEO, Thomas Toth and his many years of experience, you can be assured you are in good hands. Toth has been a driving force in elearning and course creation since 1993. He’s also spent years inside global organizations and leadership roles.
Five Square Learning has a fully remote staff well versed in Articulate Storyline. They are available and ready to chat with your about your company needs. With their core values of commitment, teamwork, creativity, and trust, you are sure to get the courses you need with a company you can trust.
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