SLS003 “Learning Hubs"
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Being able to allow the learner to control their learning is an important part of any learning process. Storyline is very linear - slide 1 then slide 2 then slide 3. While this is great for a presentation, it’s not so good for learning. A “learning hub” is a location in your project where the learner can pick their own path - choose the order of learning - by clicking a button, an icon or some spot on the screen.

During this episode of the Storyline Show, Thomas builds a “learning hub” - a four part clickable image that displays separate content. There are four icons on the screen, each are clickable and reveal content in a layer. The key here is that the next page is locked down until the user has clicked all four parts of the image. This is facilitated by using a True/False Boolean variable - once the icon has been clicked and the content revealed, change the variable from FALSE to TRUE. When all four variables are set to TRUE, show content that allows the user to advance to the next slide. 

You will learn about states, layers, and variables during this course, so be ready to learn! 

What you get:
In the SLS003 asset pack, the downloadable .zip file contains:

  1. SLS_003_START.story – the starting Storyline file where the images are imported and ready to go
  2. SLS_003_FINISH.story – the final Storyline file with all the images, plus triggers and functionality complete and working
  3. - the Adobe illustrator file of the isometric image used in the learning 
Use these files to learn or just to copy the triggers and techniques into your own project!

Upon purchase, you will be redirected to a password protected page, please view your receipt for that password to download the .zip file.