SLS001 “Drag One to Many”
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Storyline does a great job of creating drag and drop exercises using a one to one relationship: one drag object, one drag location, one correct match. But what happens when you need to create something with a one to many relationship? One draggable object that reveals new and exciting content based on where you drop the object on
the screen?
During this episode of the Storyline Show, Thomas builds a drag one to many exercise and shows you how it’s done.

What you get:
In the SLS001 asset pack, the downloadable .zip file contains:

  •  SLS_001_START.story – the starting Storyline file where the images are imported and ready to go
  •  SLS_001_FINISH.story – the final Storyline file with all the images, plus triggers and functionality complete and working
Use these two files to learn or just to copy the triggers and techniques into your own project!

Upon purchase, you will be redirected to a password protected page, please view your receipt for that password to download the .zip file.