Everything Five Square Learning Can Do For You and Your Business Part III

July 13, 2022

Welcome back to the next installment of our blog post where we show you everything that Five Square Learning can offer you and your business. The past couple of blogs discussed instructional design and instructional designers. These highly qualified designers are available to create and design effective and engaging eLearning courses for you and your company. One of the tools that these designers use is a storyboard which is an effective way to ensure you are getting exactly what you want. 

The next option Five Square Learning offers is Custom Video and After Effects. Perhaps your eLearning course needs a few videos to make it the most effective it can be. But maybe you do not have the means to create your own videos for this purpose. The equipment you need to record the videos can be expensive and unwieldy, especially for a one time use. 

Five Square Learning has a team of photographers and videographers to create the videos you need for your course to be successful. They have a wide range of skills and areas of expertise. They are able to create videos of interviews of executives that can then be dropped into an eLearning orientation program. Or, the team can create professional buzz videos about a new program you are starting. Or, maybe all you need is for the team to come out and record B-Roll of your campus for marketing reasons.
Whatever your need is, Five Square Learning’s team of photographers and videographers has you covered. They will work with your requests and needs and use their imaginations and talents to create movies that will blow your learners away. 

They use Adobe After Effect which is a digital visual effects, compositing application, and motion graphics program. With this program they can create broadcast quality video segments that are interspersed with graphic design and animated elements. With this program they can also create awesome special effects for your movie or eLearning course. 

Another option Five Square Learning offers is to create animation and animated sequences. Custom animation is super fun. It can add a level of creativity to any of your eLearning needs. With all of the tools available today they can create quick and professional animated sequences. These are great additions to any course as they will pull your learners directly into the content they need to learn. 

You can chose to create a custom character for your animation or choose from the hundreds Five Square Leaning already has. They are quick to ensure that the animation and character does not take away from the content that needs to be taught. The animation is very closely linked to your learning objectives and needs. It is in this ways that the animation is a tool, rather than a distraction to your students. 

Whatever your eLearning and course building needs all, let Five Square Learning cover everything. With expert instructional designers, the use of a storyboard to ensure you are getting exactly what you want, and the ability to create fun, effective and engaging videos and animation to your course, Five Square Learning can fit all your needs. 
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