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These days it can be pretty difficult to find quality and knowledgeable expert speakers for your business needs. Whether you need speakers for a conference you are hosting or leading, or you are looking to ramp up your eLearning development skills by learning from an expert in your field, Thomas A. Toth, the president of Five Square Learning, has all your needs covered and then some.

As an expert in the field of online learning, Thomas A. Toth is your go-to guide for all your eLearning needs. He is an acclaimed author, speaker, award winner, and expert in the areas of eLearning authoring, design, and development. He is available to speak at your events, be it conferences, professional development seminars or courses, or eLearning courses.

But it’s not just technology that Toth is qualified to speak about. Toth gives keynotes and speaks on other topics such as mentoring, succession planning, professional development, and leadership development at all levels within the organization.

Other areas of expertise for Toth include: business solutions, organizational training and leadership, learning program management, blended learning options, budget management and forecast, and many, many more. With such a vast knowledge of all things business and learning, Toth is sure to be able to speak on any topic you may need for your conference or professional development meeting.

His biggest message, be it for high-potential employees or the executive C-Suite, is about the future of technology and learning. This is indeed what Five Square Learning aims to do—be at the forefront of innovation and technology with its creative and effective eLearning courses and platforms.

Toth believes that learning as a business strategy is applicable to all levels within an organization. Whatever your business or organization’s needs are, Toth and Five Square Learning are ready and available to get your company on the right, forward path.

Five Square Learning believes in merging technology and traditional educational techniques as a way to enhance the learning environment. They aim to apply educational theory with the knowledge and insight of over twenty-five years of experience working with clients to meet their needs.

Their team of experts, including facilitators, web developers, instructional designers, and global learning leaders collaborate together to create and design effective and meaningful eLearning materials and courses for all of your business or organization needs. This includes eLearning classes for professional development, new content or theory, onboarding new clients, and team building.

Whatever your need may be, whether it is a speaker for a conference you are planning, or a mentor for your professional development goals, or eLearning courses for the development and growth of your business and employees, Thomas A. Toth and Five Square Learning are ready to get started planning your next strategic step.

Check out Five Square Learning’s website to see all they have to offer, from synchronous training programs to learning strategy and development. Then, reach out either by calling or filling out the contact form on the website to get started collaborating with their professionals on your next eLearning course or conference.

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