Five Square Learning or Dweb studios?

You may have been confused or surprised after the last time you searched for Dweb studios. That’s because if you did, you were probably quickly taken to Five Square Learning, a global elearning company that has been creating engaging and custom elearning programs for over twenty-five years.

Five Square Learning has recently acquired Dweb studios. This should account for any confusion or surprise you may have experienced. And this is a great move for both Five Square Learning and you. With the acquisition, Five Square Learning is even better prepared to serve all types of clients and ensure that all their elearning needs are met and exceeded.

Five Square Learning has grown rapidly since the acquisition. They are ever better prepared to meet their clients needs. This is because the acquisition has allowed them to leverage the power of Storyline. With support from team experts with experience as web developers, facilitators, instructional designers, and global leading learners, Storyline is an excellent option for all of our elearning needs. 

Storyline is the platform Five Square Learning uses to create effective and motivating courses for all your elearning needs. This platform allows Five Square Learning to have flexibility in their programming of the courses. It also allows them to be creative while still ensuring quality educational programs. These programs help change behaviors and deliver the results you have been looking for in your company. 

Five Square Learning uses all of the many built-in tools that Storyline offers to create software that improves performance and engages learners. Through this acquisition, Five Square Learning’s main focus remains in creating quality, effective and engaging programs to educate their clients. 

However, they are not just programmers without a face or a passion. They understand and cater to the human aspect of education. Indeed, they are an organization filled with thoughtful and passionate learning and developmental professionals with years of experience in their field. They are ready to take your elearning needs to the next level to help you are your company be as successful as possible with the courses they create for you.

Along with storyboarding and instructional design, the team at Five Square Learning takes on several tasks. These include helping clients with animation and animation sequences and audio and visual needs. They also leverage web programming tools to expand their Storyline development. 

Five Square Learning recognizes that each of their clients comes with unique needs and challenges. They strive to cater to each individual client’s needs by really listening and making a plan to move forward. In this way they determine the best way to help their unique clients. 

The acquisition of Dweb has surely helped Five Square Learning to continue to be the best they can be. By using Storyline and all its features, they are ready and prepared to take your unique needs and create the best eLearning courses for you and  your company. For all your eLearning needs, you can be confident you are in good hands when you choose Five Square Learning to design your courses.
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