What You Can Expect When You Hire Five Square Learning

Maybe you are looking to train new employees or add more professional development to your team. Or maybe you want staff members to learn a new skill or job. All of these are worthy ideas to better your business or company. Where can you seek help to do this? Five Square Learning is an expert in designing and creating effective, engaging, and creative online elearning courses for all of your company’s needs and growth. 

What can you expect from Five Square Learning after you hire them? A lot! With over twenty-five years of client work, they have you covered with the experience and motivation to help you with all your elearning needs. Their professional web developers, facilitators, and instructional designers leverage the power of Storyline, a development platform that allows for both programming flexibility and creative expression, to create learning programs that engage your learners and improve their performance overall. 

With Five Square Learning you can expect all of your elearning needs to be delivered on time and on budget, every time. They use their proven process to create every elearning project, ensuring that it arrives to you on time, complete, and on budget.

This proven process begins with meeting with you to determine your topics and goals. In this stage, they will work with you to figure out where there are any performance gaps you are working to correct. They will also devise a list of topics to be covered in the training module they will create. After that, they create objectives and an outline to ensure they are meeting each and every one of your needs. This outline will include separate modules broken up by content sections. These will determine the module’s skeleton.

The next step is the creation of the storyboard. This contains all that the learner will see and hear on the screen. It also includes how the learner will interact with the screen. Any simulations, games, or other complex animations, if needed, will be included in this storyboard.

After the storyboard is created, it is sent to you for any edits and approvals. You are with us every step of the way, and we do not move forward without your approval. At this stage, if we are creating a custom interface, we often create a prototype which shows you the layout, colors, and other details. In this way you can see how the final project will look. If adjustments are needed, they happen in this phase. This prototype saves both you and our developers valuable time.

All of these phases come together to create the beta. The beta is the finished, functional elearning project. All parts are now complete, including any video segments, audio, and interactive games. It is then sent to you for a final approval and edits.

Once it is approved and all edits are made, we scorm warp the project and send you a .zip file to be deployed in your LMS. And there you have—everything you can expect when you begin working with Five Square Learning for all your elearning needs.
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