Five Square Learning Strategy and Development Part II

The other week we began discussing how Five Square Learning incorporates five different strategies when it comes to designing and implement their E Learning programs and courses. These are the five most important aspects they consider when designing courses for you and your employees. 

The first strategy Five Square Learning uses is to be aware of how to attract and retain new and current talent. Courses your employees take should help with productivity, of course, but they should also help you to attract and retain new and current employees. By designing courses with this in mind, Five Square Learning has your best interest at play.

The next strategy Five Square Learning uses when it comes to designing and creating E Learning courses for you and your employees is to remain up to date in order to develop people’s capabilities. As knowledge becomes outdated and forgotten, it’s important for your employees to stay in the cutting edge of your industry. They can do this when courses and programs are designed for just that. 

The last strategy we discussed is creating a value based culture. Millennials seek this often in their job searches and with more and more companies going remote, it’s even more important than ever now, to design courses that promote the values employees are looking for. 

The next strategy Five Square Learning employs when thinking about designing and creating courses for your company is to consider the company’s brand. A company’s brand is a very important. Having a culture of respectable, informative, effective and helpful courses can go a long way toward adding to that brand. When prospective and current employees know that the courses they will take for training or professional development are practical and successful, they want to be a part of such an impressive company. When employees and others think highly of their company it only helps improve and expand upon that brand the company is trying to create. 

The final strategy that Five Square Learning considers when creating programs and courses for your company is to always be motivating and engaging employees. No one wants to attend a boring course, no matter what the need for it may be. For this reason, Five Square Learning focuses on creating fun, creative, engaging, and effective classes to keep employees motivated and ready to learn and implement their learning.

There you have it—the five key concepts or strategies Five Square Learning considers when designing and creating courses to fit your company’s needs and wants. They are not just creating courses that trainees will attend and be bored or lose interest in quickly. No, they are thinking about the most effective ways to build your brand, create a value based environment in your work place, attract and retain current and new employees, keep employees motivated and engaged, and ensure that they have the most up to date content so that you and your employees stay competitive. 

If you have any questions, reach out to Five Square Learning. Their friendly and competent designers and eager and ready to help you.
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