Five Square Learning Strategy and Development Part I

Five Square Learning has been creating custom and engaging learning programs for over twenty-five years. Their team of instructional designers, facilitators, and web developers leverage the power of Storyline, a development platform that allows for both programming flexibility and create expression, to create learning programs that engage your learners and improve performance. In this blog and the next, we aim to show you some of their strategy and development ideas when it comes to creating these programs and courses. 

Five Square Learning believes that the learning structure of an organization has a strategic role in five key areas, thus the name, Five Square. The first area we will look at is attracting new talent and attaining current talent. It used to be that learning in the work place was solely to increase and improve productivity. Learning new skills, abilities, and proficiencies was essential to increasing that productivity. And it still is.

But Five Square Learning also aims to attract new talent and retain current talent by offering professional development and E learning opportunities. More and more employees are looking for opportunities for personal and professional growth and development from their employer. In fact, people list “opportunities for learning and development” among the top criteria for joining an organization or business. 

On the other end of that, a lack of resources for that growth and development is among the reasons employees cite for leaving a company. For this reason, along with helping to increase productivity, Five  Square Learning aims to offer E learning opportunities as a way to help employees grown and develop both personally and professionally with the E Learning courses and programs they offer. Happy, educated employees make good sense, so why not give employees what they are seeking?

The next strategic role the learning function of an organization plays is to develop people’s skills. As quick as the world moves these days, it is easy for new data and research to outgrown where an employee has been trained up to. For this reason, ongoing learning programs are needed to keep trainees and employees up to date on the latest information, research and data. In order to supplement the outdated material and information, new learning programs are needed.

The next strategic role Five Square Learning believes the learning function of an organization plays is that of creating a value based culture. With more and more millennials consistently looking to work for value based, sustainable enterprises that contribute to the welfare of society it is more important that ever be be able to offer this to them. As the workforce is moving more toward virtual platforms, Five Square Learning’s programs are more important than ever to foster that environment of a values based culture. 

We have only just begun to share with you the strategy involved in Five Square Learning’s development of their E Learning programs and courses. There is no doubt that these strategies will be beneficial to your company and its needs. Reach out to Five Square Learning today with any questions you may have.
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