eLearning? What is it?

We’ve had to do a lot of changing and rearranging in the couple years since the pandemic hit. Heck, we had to really kind of discover a whole new normal, didn’t we? As much as any of this can be considered normal anymore. Within that new normal world is the idea of eLearning and all that it entails. Five Square Learning is proud to be an advocate and designer of eLearning courses for all of your corporate needs.

So just what exactly is eLearning and what does that mean about the world of in person learning? First off eLearning can be defined as, “a structured course or learning experience delivered electronically; it can also include performance support content. There are also many different elements that can make up an eLearning program such as live or pre-recorded lecture content, video, quizzes, simulations, games, activities and other interactive elements.” In the days since the pandemic began we also have come to call this kind of eLearning, remote learning. Basically, it’s learning that is not done in the traditional setting of an actual in person classroom, and rather is hosted online making learning and training more accessible.

eLearning had, in fact, been happening well before the pandemic hit. It just wasn’t as popular or necessary as it is now that we’re in a pandemic. A quick Google search tells me the idea of eLearning has been around since 1999. Nearly twenty-three years! Who knew? eLearning has been helping those who can’t attend a traditional classroom learn for twenty-three years. Awesome.

Some students or trainees cannot attend traditional classroom settings for various reasons-perhaps they are not geographically located near their classroom, Perhaps they are physically unable to attend in person classes or require modifications that eLearning and its format can accommodate. Or perhaps someone is simply too busy to make it to an actually class- job, kids, household duties make it difficult to also take classes or courses. I cannot tell you how much I’ve saved being able to attend courses online rather than having to drive to and from a classroom and find parking, and I have a car. What about those who must rely on public transportation or their own two feet, that takes even more time out of their day on top of other their other duties. Or perhaps there’s a pandemic that’s rendered in person events too risky to attend. eLearning makes a lot of sense right about now.

While the in person interaction is missing, nearly every other aspect can still be achieved with online learning, even some personal interaction in the form of break out rooms, games and discussions.

Five Square Learning, a Colorado Based digital media company, is an innovator in eLearning. It designs creative and effective courses for all your learning and training needs. They have an experienced all remote staff and are committed to meeting deadlines and having clear communication. Be sure to check out Five Square Learning for your corporations learning and training needs today.
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