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As the pandemic hit, the world changed in many ways. The world of learning and training especially changed drastically. And not just at the elementary level, but also at the corporate level. No longer could important and challenging classes and training sessions be held in person. Nearly everything moved to remote and online learning, or eLearning. Organizations and corporations had to adapt to this new way of training. But how? And how effective is elearning versus in person learning?

Thomas Toth, the president and CEO of Five Square Learning believes it can be just as effective if not more so. In his over twenty five years of professional experience in teaching, developing and marketing global interactive learning, he’s surely learned a thing or ten about what it takes to make a difference in the classroom, wherever, or however that classroom may be.

Toth has spent years in leadership positions in global organizations. He straddles the line between being an academic in the corporate world and being just like you and me in the real world. It is this knowledge and experience that he brings to the table as he designs a new and innovative process for creating training programs for the corporate world. Toth has a breadth of experience and has published four books on the subjects of designing effecting elearning solutions.

A digital media company based in Colorado, Five Square Learning specializes in producing creative, interactive, and engaging elearning design and development. They look at the learner and their needs to enhance understanding and motivate desired behavior. With their clients they will collaborate to create effective elearning courses that help them get the results they want and make the performance changes needed within their company to succeed.

Because all of Five Square Learning’s employees are virtual and because there is no “corporate office” and therefore low overhead, their prices are surprisingly low and you are sure to find something within your budget. They also offer an online portal so client’s can check in on the progress of their courses development at any time. In this way you can be prepared with any questions you may have.

Five Star Learning prides themselves on their core values which include clear communication, deadlines met on time, creativity, and innovation. They believe strongly in keeping their commitments to their clients and having a positive attitude in all the things they do. All of this combines to ensure you have a positive experience and receive an effective, innovative and worthwhile course for your corporate needs.

So much has changed in the last few years due to the pandemic. The way we learn and train has transitioned from in person classrooms to online forums. It is so important for organizations and corporations to keep up with these changes without losing their core values in the process. Five Square Learning is here to help you with this somewhat forced transition. They are eager to show you their unique and innovative training methods to help you with your training needs.

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