There’s a Conference For That

While last year’s Training Magazine’s conference had to be virtual due to you know what, this year’s Training 2022 Conference and Expo will be live in Orlando Florida at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. The dates are February 28-March 2, 2022. We hopeyou can make it because if you can, our very own Thomas Toth at Five Square Learning will be presenting.

Mr. Toth is an expert in the field of eLearning having been involved in it in one way or another since 1993. His 25+ years of professional experience in organizational development initiatives, and teaching, developing and marketing global interactive learning are what make him ultra qualified to present at this conference. He has also written and published four books on creating effective Elearning solutions. He has recently become the president and CEO of Five Square Learning which offers several services including: speaking engagements, Elearning course development, and learning strategy and development.

His presentation, Can You Really Improve Soft Skills With eLearning and Technology? will be presented on the final day of the conference, March 2 in the Coronado K room at 8:30 am EST. His presentation asks the question many in the training industry are wondering, can soft skills- leadership, team building, communication, work ethic, adaptability/flexibility, interpersonal skills etc, actually be taught outside an in person classroom? Can they be moved to an online platform? The next big question is, can you actually improve those soft skills with eLearning and technology? Toth’s answer is overwhelmingly, yes. In his presentation he will show you how to transition from in person teaching of these soft skills to eLearning of those soft skills. 

Within this workshop Toth will teach you just what exactly the soft skills are along with why they are needed from your trainees. He will show you how to build engaging, nonlinear courses to improve those soft skills. These courses will be courses your trainees want to attend rather than are forced to attend. 

He will give you real life examples of soft skills learning experiences that have been successfully implemented to learners in a corporate environment. This means you will walk out of this presentation ready to go with tried and true activities for you to implement right away in your corporate trainings for trainees to practice those soft skills.

Toth will highlight the many benefits of using and implementing technology in the use of teaching soft skills in your training spaces. He will also highlight structures for branching scenarios and structures. These scenarios are excellent ways to practice real would situations in which these soft skills would be helpful or even necessary in the corporate world. Toth will show you a story board for creating these branching scenarios. And finally, using Storyline 360- similar to Articulate Storyline, another service offered at Five Square Learn, he will train you how to program a branching scenario. 

There are hundreds of courses offered at The Training 2022 Conference and Expo that are sure to fit all your needs. Be sure sure to check out Thomas Toth to see how you can switch your soft skills training from the in person training space to an eLearning and technology space. 
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