Instructional design - Everything Five Square Learning Can Do For You and Your Business Part I

You would be surprised by all the different services Five Square Learning has to offer your business or company. These services are all, of course, related to e-Learning and the ever changing classroom. For this reason, I am breaking down all the different ways they can help you improve your business or workplace in this parted blog post. 

One of the first services Five Square Learning offers is excellent instructional design. What exactly is instructional design you may ask? According to wikipedia is it “the practice of systematically designing, developing, and delivering instructional materials and experiences, both digital and physical, in a consistent and reliable fashion toward an efficient, effective, appealing, engaging, and inspiring acquisition of knowledge.” Phew, that’s lengthy. So, basically, it means creating and designing the best possible way for your instructional content, whatever that may be for your particular needs, to be received by those who need to learn in. 

Let’s face it, we have all been to classes in which we walked away shaking our heads, wondering just exactly what it was we were supposed to glean from them. Instructional design aims to help you walk away knowing exactly what you learned and how to apply it. 

Five Square Learning has great instructional designers who hold master’s degrees in such fields as: Instructional design, adult learning, and education. Their job is to take your content and decipher the “nice to knows” versus the “need to knows.” They will take your content and hone in on the most important aspects of it to create a course that makes learning that content accessible.  

It is one thing to know the content, but it is a completely other thing to be able to deliver that content in an easy, accessible, and engaging way to your learners or employees. That is why Five Square Learning follows the real life rapid design principles of some of the largest and leanest companies in the world. These companies include Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple. 

You can come to Five Square Learning with your topic in mind, a subject matter expert, or simply an idea. Their instructional designers will listen to your needs in order to create and design a course around your subject. This course will be engaging, efficient, effective, and enlightening. Your employees or learners will learn what they need to learn in a creative and effective way. 

No matter your subject matter, the instructional designers are prepared to create excellent courses for your. Some previous course topics have included: Creating an inspired culture, injecting creative in the workplace, coaching for success, understanding the petrochemical industry, and effective communication for managers. This is just a small selection of the wide variety of topics their instructional designers have created informative courses for. 

Whatever your company’s needs are and whatever content it is you are trying to make accessible to your learners, Five Square Learning has the instructional design experts for you to create engaging, effective and, efficient courses for all your employees. Check out the Five Square Learning website for a complete list and descriptions of all the different services they have to offer. 
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